Real taste from Greece

The Greek cuisine is influenced by the geographical conditions of Greece: as a country with many islands and therefore also many coasts, fish and seafood play a major role. At the same time, however, Greece is also a very mountainous country with a mountain share of almost 80%. Therefore, sheep and goat meat is very important on the Greek meal plan. The mountainous landscape also offers a richness that the Greeks knew how to make use of very early on: numerous wild herbs and wild vegetables grow here, which have played an important role in Greek cuisine since ancient times.

Greek cuisine can look back on a long tradition. Already in ancient Greece you can find elements that still characterize the Greek cuisine today: a lot of vegetables and fish and especially ways of preparation where the basic products are in the foreground. Specially opulent preparations or seasonings are therefore rather frowned upon.

Texts by Hesiod or Homer prove that olives, wine, pomegranate, figs or quinces determined on the meal plan already more than two thousand years ago. The tradition of mezedes, small, varied dishes that are now classic accompaniments to ouzo and wine, was also cultivated in a somewhat modified form at that time.

Here at Barka we combine tradition with modernity, always under the premise: freshly prepared for you on the table. The typical ingredients of Greek cuisine such as vegetables, fish and meat as well as spices of the highest quality are supplied by specially selected Greek food specialists and suppliers from the region.

You can experience real Greek taste with us in the Barka.

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