A selection of over 180 different wines

Dear Barka guests and friends.

We offer you a wine selection with about 180 items from all over Greece, divided by wine types.

Why wine types?

Such a classification makes sense, because a comprehensible wine description that can be understood by everyone is not easy. The aim is to give wine friends, connoisseurs and non- connoisseurs alike an understanding of the variety of wines.

Therefore, our approach is to approach this seemingly complicated topic in a simple way.

In our restaurant and in the wine list you will find excellent wines of the wine types:

Fruity, youthful & Co.
Complex & elegant

as well as unique highlights that are still to be discovered in this country.

We are happy to help you with the selection of your suitable wine.

"The ideal person feels joy when he can do service to others."

Aristoteles (384 BC – 322 BC)