Lunch menu

Monday, Wednesday – Friday from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, except on public holidays

For each dish we serve as a starter a slice of tomato-basil baguette.

Fresh salad variations

700. Dorf salad

Greek farmer salad with gyros

11,50 €
701. Sportsman salad e

with grilled strips of turkey

10,90 €
702. Helena salad e

with grilled baby calamari and artichoke hearts

11,50 €
703. Ionion salad e

with grilled salmon and artichoke hearts

14,50 €

From the oven

710. Kritharaki c,e

Greek rice noodles with minced meat sauce, gratinated with cheese, in addition salad

10,50 €
711. Gyros Metaxa c,e

gyros in a light piquant sauce with tomatoes and mozarella gratinated, in addition rice and salad

11,50 €
712. Bifteki Metaxa c,e

stuffed minced steak with feta cheese and tomatoes in a slightly piquant sauce with mozzarella gratinated, in addition rice and salad

11,50 €
713. Moussaka 2,7,a,b,c,e

casserole of aubergines, zucchini, potatoes and minced meat, in addition salad

13,50 €

From the grill

720. Grill Piato c,e

with gyros, suzuki, tsatsiki, rice and salad

10,50 €
721. Barka Piato c,e

with gyros, pork fillet skewer, tsatsiki, rice and salad

11,90 €
722. Athen Piato c,e

with gyros, turkey breast, tsatsiki, rice and salad

11,60 €
724. Grilled turkey breast e

with vegetables and salad

11,30 €
725. Bifteki c,e

minced meat filled with feta cheese, in addition rice and salad

11,30 €
726. Gyros c,e

with tsatsiki, rice and salad

11,50 €
727. Gyros with baby calamari c,e

with tsatsiki, rice and salad

11,50 €
730. Gyro-Gyro a,c

Gyros on pita with rice, tsatsiki and a tomato-onion salad

12,30 €

From the sea

750. Baby calamari from the grill 2,3,c,e

with remoulade, butter rice and salad

12,60 €
751. Calamari breaded e

with butter rice and salad

11,90 €
752. Grilled salmon with baby calamari e

with butter rice and salad

14,90 €
753. Glossa Fileto 2,3,a,c,e

pan fried pangasius fillet breaded in flour with buttered rice, remoulade and salad

10,90 €


740. Zesti Pikilia 2,7,a,b,c

baked aubergines and zucchini, florinis, artichoke hearts, saganaki, seasonal salad and tsatsiki

10,50 €
742. Kritharrotto e

(risotto style) with fresh vegetables, tomatoes and herbs, plus salad

11,90 €